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Comunità Fanelli



Comunità Fanelli is a no-profit organization which main purpose is social solidarity towards any situation of unease, both in adults and minors, with an enhanced focus on pathological subjects with drug—dependence and physical or psychical unease.

According to its statute and objective, the Community has the faculty to:

a) Realize and manage local care centres for subjects with pathological dependences, or affected by psychic unease, psychiatric pathologies or other forms of pathologic dependence;
b) Operate for the prevention of psychic unease and pathological dependence, acting in connection with public structures and educative agencies present on the local territory, in order to implement strategies of care, prevention and rehabilitation for the unease;
c) Offer assets and services directed to achieve social goals;
d) Manage activities in the sector of agriculture, zootechnis, and crafts aiming to implement therapeutic rehabilitation programs, including farming or realization of products and their commercialization;
e) Promote and organize training courses addressed to who operates or wants to operate in the field of unease;
f) Promote and organize professional training courses for the subjects drop-out, encouraging the creation of entrepreneurial activities in the field of agriculture, crafts or services;
g) Participate to programs and initiatives - at local, national or European level – to realize its statute aims;
h) Promote and organize research activities, giving any contribution to analysis and clearness of emerging problems;
i)  Publish reviews or books with scientific orientation, related to the activities realized;
j)  Collaborate with private or public structures that manage social services;
k) Offer services of support and therapy to families;
l) Stipulate agreement with public entities, locals, economical, private, associations and societies.

The Community, since its beginning in 1993, has offered support and rehabilitation to 2000 patients, thanks to the job of its highly specialized staff and the capacity of its social housing structure (30 places).
In the last years, Comunità Fanelli has realized specialized training courses in the framework of the European Social Found.

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