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Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation is an NGO of public utility that promotes social equality and women’s human rights in Bulgaria through research, education and advocacy programs.

The BGRF is founded in June 1998 in Sofia. The team of the Foundation consists of lawyers, academics, experts in advocacy, education, monitoring violations of human rights, lobbying for legislative changes, preparing publications, networking.

The BGRF has branches in Plovdiv, Haskovo, Gorna Oryahovitza. Since 2001 the BGRF has a youth department.

Our vision is the recognition of the organisation as an established international center of professionals in the field of gender equality, antidiscrimination law,domestic violence and reproductive rights.
We are guided by the European and universal values for human rights protection and we are working to implement good practices in our field of activity.

The most valuable resource for the BGRF from its establishment are the involved human resources. The BGRF has a dynamic team of people with common interests and goals – advocates, led by the principles of equality and human rights.

Most of the associates (cooperators) (lawyers, psychologists, social workers) have role and responsibilities in various projects and key involvement for their successful realization.

The organization has an established network of lawyers – mainly attourneys-at-law, women and men from Sofia and other Bulgarian cities. They are qualified to conduct consultations and legal proceedings for victims of domestic violence and discrimination. They are professionals with significant experience in this field.  

The BGRF counts on a strong team of young people in Sofia and in the country, who initiate social dialogue on major issues such as human rights protection and equality.
The main principles of our work are:

  • implementation of gender approach and social justice approach in all activities of the organization;
  • development of innovative strategies for protection of groups vulnerable to discrimination, violence, poverty and social isolation;
  • development of opportunities for the stimulation of the potential of the individuals working for the BGRF through establishment of contacts at national and international level and broad opportunities for education; 
  • acknowledgement of the priority importance of the development of partnerships with organizations and individuals in Bulgaria and abroad.


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