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Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico


The Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio-Economico is a no profit association founded in Piedmont in order to support the business and the academic worlds in the fundamental research process, starting point of the decision making.
The association aims to promote the Italian participation in research and development programmes financed by the European Commission and the realisation of initiatives aimed to encourage the development and the valorisation, also abroad, of all the Italian economy branches.
To realise its mission, ISES suggests, thanks to its activities, to guarantee the continued improvement of the characteristics of international attraction of the region considering the possible direct investments and the valorisation of the regional economy; the development of the relations between the economic and productive sector and the regional, national and European institutions involved in the technological development of the most specialised sector of the territory.
ISES works on the management of institutional relations and the accreditation at local and central level exploiting the public funding leverage and the socio-economic research tools.
The use of direct and indirect funds stimulates the relation with the institutional and decision-making centres, offers an opportunity to build new partnerships and enable stable relations at local level.
The use of direct and indirect funds increase the relationship with institutional and decision-making centers, develop the opportunity to build new partnerships and activate stable relationships at local level.

The Institute's activities consist mainly in the promotion, design and implementation of studies and researches in social and economic areas. Deeply inspired by spirit and interdisciplinary approach, the economic and sociological analysis wants to intersect with the legal one and the industrial relations, with a constant attention to the comparative profiles and to the increasingly critical international and European dimension of globalization processes.
Also ISES, as main applicant or project partner, prepares and manages activities funded at European, national and regional level, supporting public or private entities in the design, implementation, administration and financial management, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of tasks.

The main themes on which ISES intervenes include:
• Approaching the socio-economic Italian context to the European Institutions;
• Territorial marketing
• Benchmarking analysis;
• Economic and social business evaluation;
• Support of the decision making process.

Among the main activities in which ISES has participated as main applicant or partner are included:
• Community Programmes
• Calls for proposals (ministries, regions, provinces)
• Community Initiative - Interreg III
• Interprofessional Funds

The assistance provided by ISES includes:
• The identification of opportunities for potential programme participants;
• The orientation of potential participants to the best suited programme to the individual project idea;
• Research and identification of potential project partners at European and national level, selected according to their institutional requirements and their responsibilities;
• Support to the definition of the project and preparation of forms, with special reference to the procedural and financial aspects;
• Final assessment of the proposed project in accordance with the fund eligibility requirements;
• Preparation of the contract negotiation phase;
• Technical support during the operational phase of management, reporting and dissemination of results.


Website: www.associazioneises.org

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